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25 Turns Bike Descent Tour - €65


Our guests call this tour "the bike ride with the best views of Kotor" and they are absolutely right! If what you’re looking for is an easy and exciting way to experience some of Montenegro’s most inspiring views on a bicycle, then 25 Turns Descent is the right adventure for you. Take this scenic, high-speed bike route down the mountainside of Lovcen on a journey that boasts humbling vistas over land and sea with a different perspective at every turn. Not only is this short and sweet tour a leisurely, memorable experience, but it is a must do for anyone who enjoys cycling and wants to see the Bay of Kotor from above in a short time.



Distance: A smooth, easy 8km descent down to Kotor.

Duration: Approximately 3 ½ hours total; 2 of which will be cycling.

Start Time: Typically, 09:00 and 14:00. In summer, due to high heat and heavy tourist traffic we recommend early morning and late evening starting times. Please inquire for more information.

Transport: We’ll pick you up / drop you off from your given location in either Tivat or Kotor. 

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate - This is an almost entirely downhill bike ride on smooth, paved roads, suitable for all fitness levels. Due to fast riding speeds, sharp downhill turns, narrow, windy roads, and motor vehicle traffic, we consider a moderate level of road cycling experience and comfort with vehicle traffic to be absolutely necessary to avoid accidents.

Additional Information: All rider heights must be known at time of booking for the bikes to be properly fitted. Suggested min age is 13.


  1. After picking up your group, we take a 40-minute drive up the mountainside to our starting point in Njegusi. At Njegusi our guides will make final adjustments to everyone’s bikes and give instruction on what to expect on this downhill ride and how to navigate the road properly/safely.

  2. Our first stop after a 15-minute cycle is Kotorblick where we enjoy the views of Boka Bay for a few minutes.

  3. We continue riding downhill for about 40-minutes to our next viewpoint just past Kotor Serpentine road. It is our favorite spot for taking pictures of Kotor and the bay and you will quickly understand why.

  4. Another 20-minutes of cycling lead us to a crossroad above Kotor where we can take a quick peak at an old Austro-Hungarian fort before following the road down to Kotor.

  5. Last 15-minutes of riding and we finish our cycle just at the entrance of Kotor where our van will be waiting to collect the biking equipment and drop everyone off.



What You'll Experience:

Right after picking everyone up from their respective locations, we begin our drive up to the starting point for our bike ride, Njegusi; a charming mountain village at roughly 900m altitude. The road up is incredibly scenic and certainly a worthwhile drive all by itself. Our ride from Njegusi to Kotor is all downhill and the only time you’ll have put any effort into peddling are the first 15 minutes. We set off and begin our ride to our first point of interest, Kotorblick, an expansive wooden platform that sits over the top of one of Mount Lovcen’s north-facing cliff faces. We stop here to take pictures from what may be one of the best views of Kotor, Vrmac Ridge and beyond. Shortly after Kotorblick, we’ll reach the beginning of Kotor Serpentine road, one of the most famous hair pinned roads in the world. Enjoy a long, fast descent down winding roads with breathtaking views with plenty of opportunities to stop for pictures and soak in your surroundings. Approximately 40 minutes later and towards the end of Kotor Serpentine road, we reach one of our favorite spots - a nameless cliff edge overlooking a completely unobstructed shot of Kotor Bay that you can walk out onto and take the perfect Instagram selfie! Another exhilarating 20 minutes of high-speed cycling later, we reach the crossroads that lead into Kotor. Spend a few minutes walking around an old, abandoned Austro-Hungarian bunker that sits to the side of the road before we make our final descent to where the van will be waiting to pick us up. From here we can either drop you off to where we originally collected you from or leave you to self-explore Kotor—your choice!


Price Includes:

  • Free shuttle pickup – we’ll pick you up and drop you off at any location within the Tivat/Kotor region. 

  • All required mountain biking equipment – we take pride in providing the best equipment for our biking tours. You’ll be fitted on a Giant hybrid bike (Giant Roam for men and Giant Rove for women) with hydraulic disc brakes and a touring helmet. Also, one of the guides will have a bicycle repair kit, including extra tubes.

  • Small groups for extra attention – 2 to 10 people with 1 to 2 expert tour guides who know every corner and every story of the landscape


What to Bring:​

  • ​Loose, airy clothing - ideally breathable sportswear 

  • Sunscreen, hat

  • Trainers/sneakers – our hybrid bikes are equipped with flat pedals

  • Water – we recommend bringing at least 1L of water



We closely monitor weather conditions and follow local forecasts. This tour can be run year-round but in case of inclement weather, we’ll notify you as soon as possible and try to reschedule immediately.



We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that everyone is safe and using the proper equipment at all times during this bike ride.

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