Rent a hardboard or inflatable SUP for a few hours or up to a week

Why SUP?

It's fun and easy to learn, regardless of your age or fitness level.

It's a great core workout and helps you practice your balance.

Can't stand up? You can paddle on your knees or sitting down.

It's an environmentally-friendly way to explore.

How do rentals work?

We provide all the equipment you need to hit the water safely. 

Meet us at Movida Beach Club, pick up your own board or ask us to deliver it do your door.

You can rent a SUP from 3 hours up to a week. Want to keep it a little longer? No worries, additional days are available at an extra cost.

What's included?

  • Premium Starboard hardboard or inflatable SUP (please specify your preference upon booking

  • Carbon paddle

  • Leash

  • Restube PFD

  • Free delivery on orders over €60


How much does it cost?

SUP rental at Lustica Bay

All Day - €15 

SUP rental offsite

24 hours - €35    |    48 hours - €60

Additional days - €15

1 week - €125

8"/9" SUP for youths

First 24 hours - €20    |   Additional days - €10